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Dementia Training for the Professional


The purpose of the Serenity Health Dementia Training for the professional is to teach the professional health care worker the skills needed to respond appropriately to those individuals who have a diagnosis of mental impairment that affects their ability to function without professional intervention.


Health care workers including nurses, Nurse assistants, physicians, physician assistants, emergency medical technicians, medical assistance, or any others who may work with Dementia or other disease processes that may cause inability of the person to make decisions about themselves.
Total Clock Hours: 40 Hours
Monday – Friday 0800-1600

The Dementia Training Course is designed for the professional to be taught in approximately 40hours. The course length includes class activities, viewing of videos, and breaks per instructor’s plan.


Upon successful completion of the Dementia Care Training, the participant will receive a Serenity Certificate indicating Dementia Care Training has been successfully completed and is valid for 2 years.
To receive the course completion certificate for Dementia Care Training, the participant must:

  • Attend all class sessions
  • Participate in all skill training and scenarios
  • Demonstrate competency in skills
  • Pass the written exam with 90%
Dementia Training Course Outline

Serenity Health will cover the following areas within their training:
Introduction to Dementia

  • Definition of Dementia
  • Signs of Dementia
  • Anatomy of normal brain
  • Anatomy of brain with Dementia
    Communication with persons with Dementia
  • Explain why communication is difficult
  • Methods of effective communication
  • Discussion of do’s and don’ts of communication
    Care and understanding behaviors
  • Introduce Alzheimer’s Association’s Guide to Understanding Dementia Behavior
    Appropriate responses to Dementia behaviors
  • Understanding memory loss responses
  • Use role play
  • Critique actions and reactions
    Provision of assistance with ADL’s
  • Introduce the necessity of individualized care
  • Understand the connection between memory loss and self-care
    End of Life with Dementia Care
  • Discuss comfort care, decision making, emotional, and spiritual support.
  • Each area presented will have specific objectives for that area with lesson plan.